Question 4

计算机生成了可选文字: The principal reason ionic compounds are stable is the
 attraction between ions Of opposite charge. This attraction draws the
 ions together , releasing energy and causing the ions to form a solid
 array , or lattice , such as that shown in Figure 8 . 3 . A measure of
 how much stabilization results 什 om arranging oppositely charged ions
 in an ionic solid is given by the lattice energy , which is the “ “ 罗
 required co e 纱 separate 0 ” e mole Ofa solid io CO PO d 仂 its g eo io
 . TO envision this process for NaCl, imagine that the structure in
 Figure 8 . 3 expands from within , SO that the distances between the
 ions increase until the ions are very far apart. This process requires
 788 kJ/moI, which is the value of the lattice energy: NaC1(s) -- - 一 十
 (g) + Cl-(g) AHIattice = +788kJ/moI \[ 8 . 3 \]

计算机生成了可选文字: N ) + Lattice Energy an Ionic Compound Heat 」 } =
 lattice “ “

Question 9-12

  • Buffer

    • Weak Acid + Its Congregate Base

    • Weak Base + Its Congregate Acid

Question 13-16

A macromolecule is a very large molecule, such as protein, commonly
created by polymerization of smaller subunits (monomers). They are
typically composed of thousands of atoms or more.

Question 23

CONVECTION CURRENT cool gas falls rm gas rises heat source

Question 27

  • A visible-light spectrophotometer can determine the concentration of a solution

    Wavel ength Selector White Light Sol Ltion Detector ransmitted The
difference between the incident and transmitted light indicates the

Spectrophotometer lens light source slit prism or grating readout
 .21 detector sample

Question 30


Question 31

moles or solute mole traction, X molarity,M nolality,m - moles ot
 solutior moles ot solute liters of soluåon moles ot solute k ot solve

Question 32


Question 35

计算机生成了可选文字: = 6 们 23 國到@01一与 对 O ( = 5Cm01 一

Question 38


Question 39

  • The normal melting point of a solid is defined as the temperature at which the solid and liquid are in equilibrium at a total pressure of 1 atmosphere.

Question 43

  • When excess ammonia is added to a solution of Cu(NO3)2, the color of blue will be darker.

  • Cu(NO3)2 + 4NH3 = [Cu(NH3)4]](NO3)2

    计算机生成了可选文字: PHOT• . R A PH S

  • Adding Ammonia To Copper II Nitrate.

  • (left) Solution of blue Cu(NO3)2*6H2O (complex ion is Cu(H2O)6 +2).

  • (right) Addition of NH3(aq) forms deep blue complex ion [Cu(NH3)4(H2O)2]2+.

Question 53

计算机生成了可选文字: Gases W and X react in a closed , rigid vessel to form
 gases Y and Z accordmg to the equation above. The initial pressure of
 W(g) is L20 atm and that of X(g) is L60 atm No Y(g) or Z(g) is
 initially present. The expenment IS carried out at constant
 temperature. What is the partial pres- sure Of Z (g) when the partial
 pressure of W(g) has decreased to 1.0 atm?

计算机生成了可选文字: 4 、 , 10 eZO . 0 l.u 0

Question 54

Keq Only a temperature change can affect the value of Keq. Changes
 in concentrations, pressure or surface area have NO effect on Keq.
 These changes correspond to increase in number of reacting molecules
 per liter. — Increased once and then equilibrium is re-established. So
 ratios of products to reactants do not change.

Question 56

Lead(ll) iodide Chemical Compound Lead(ll) iodide or lead iodide is
 a salt with the formula Pbl 2. At room temperature, it is a bright
 yellow odorless crystalline solid, that becomes orange and red when
 heated. It was formerly called plumbous iodide. Wikipedia Formula:
 Pb12 Molar mass: 461.01 g/mol Density: 6.16 g/cm3 Boiling point: 872
 oc Appearance: bright yellow powder

Question 57

  • The standard reduction potential is an intrinsic property. It will not change by the coefficient.

Question 63

Zeroth Order First Order Second Order Differential rate law
Concentration vs. time Integrated rate law Straight-line plot to
determine rate constant Relative rate vs. concentration Half-life Units
of k, rate constant Rate = At Time Slope = k Time
Rate, M/S 4 9 2 3 0.693 l/s

Question 54

What is the molar solubility in water of Ag2Cr04 ? (The Ksp for
 Ag2Cr04 is 8 x 10-12.)

0 , 乂 一

Question 70

НзРО4 2НзРО4+ Фосфорн разлпчнымп Фосфорную выпадению раствором н С
солями 2+3Н2О вовать с ел11ть по H3P04+3AgN03=Ag3P04J+3HN03

Question 72

Crucible originally used for metal, glass, and pigment production, a
 crucible is a container that can withstand temperatures high enough to
 melt or otherwise alter its contents

Question 74

  • SO2 is a polar molecule, so it will deviate from ideal behavior.


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